What we do

Education and organization of the Ministry

The main aim of this component is to assist the Albanian authorities to design and implement a justice system strategy with a view to guaranteeing independence, transparency and efficiency.

High Council of Justice and High Court

The activities envisaged under this component aim at supporting the High Council of Justice to ensure that decisions regarding the status and carrier of judges are based on objective,

Criminal justice and prosecution office

The activities envisaged under this component aim at aligning the legislative framework in criminal matters including international cooperation to EU and Council of Europe standards. Furthermore,

Judicial administration and efficiency

Within this component the focus is on improving transparency of court functioning and increased the efficiency of the administrative staff in the justice system. The component

Legal professions and School of Magistrates

The main aim of the activities envisaged under this component is to strengthen the National Chamber of Advocacy, National Chamber of Notaries and the State Commission