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EURALIUS V started on 1 April 2018.
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International Expert on Criminal Justice and Prosecution Office

Mrs. Koraljka Bumci is a criminal judge on Organized Crime (USKOK) at the County Court in Zagreb since 2007. Mrs. Bumci was a criminal judge since 1996 in Municipal Court in Zagreb dealing with all forms of criminal cases since very beginning. As a judge for Organized Crime she was dealing with serious white collar cases  (corruption),  trafficking  of  drugs,  trafficking  human  beings  etc.  She  is  author  of  many articles published in the field of Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law. She was deeply involved as a member of the Working Group for the new Criminal Code in 2011 and contributed in drafting the last amendments of Criminal Procedure Code in 2013. During her professional career she provided training for judges and trainees on Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law. She was appointed in the capacity of the Croatian Counterpart for the project PHARE 2005 “Support to the Judicial Academy of Croatia developing a Training System for future Judges and Prosecutors” in order to be helped during the accession period.